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Honu and Hina

October 21st, 2014


Nature artist Patrick Ching, author of "The Story of Hina" has another book in the works: "HONU and HINA, A Story of Coexistence."

His approach to this book, which addresses how we as humans live among protected animals like the honu (Hawaiian green sea turtle) and Hawaiian monk seal, is different. He's taking it on indiegogo. The goal is to raise $15,000 by Saturday, Oct. 25.

That covers the cost for the first print run of about 4,000  books by Island Heritage Publishing, not including the painting and writing time, but the production, graphic art work, editing, printing, binding and shipping. The books are scheduled to be available in early November.

A former ranger for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Patrick Ching lived among turtles and seals on the protected atolls of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

"The Honu and Hina book will bring to light important facts about these species' history, life cycles and current status at a time when people are very curious about them," says Ching in his Indiegogo blog. "The colorful illustrations were done with the help of many artists of all ages and even some professionals!"

>> For $10, get a personalized mahalo email from Ching.

>> For $25, get a personally signed Honu and Hina mahalo card with original cartoon from Ching.

>> For $50, get a Premier Edition book, autographed, personally dedicated and cartoonized.

>> For $100, get a Premier Edition book, autographed, etc., plus an 8 x 10 inch "Dreams of Paradise" matted print featuring Honu and Hina.

>> For $200, get two Premier Edition books, plus a $97 value Ching Canvas Giclee of your choice.

>> For $1,000, get four Premier Edition books, autographed, etc. plus a $675 value Patrick Ching Canvas Giclee of your choice.

2 Responses to “Honu and Hina”

  1. Patrick Ching:

    Thank you for posting this Nina Wu. We have received a lot of help in the painting of the art and the funding of the Honu and Hina project. We went in determined to get this important book out and thankfully found a way.
    With Aloha from us at the Honu and Hina book project.

  2. Nina Wu:

    Can't wait to see the book!

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