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Solar parking arrays

January 23rd, 2014
Covered parking solar array at Liliha Square provides shade and lowers electricity costs. Courtesy image.

Covered parking solar array at Liliha Square provides shade and lowers electricity costs. Courtesy image.

There's a cool new trend in Honolulu's parking structures.

RevoluSun just installed a 155-kilowatt solar PV system atop a carport at Liliha Square Shopping Center. While it's not the first carport solar array for Oahu, it's a growing trend among Honolulu commercial property owners, according to the solar company.

It makes sense.

After all, why not use the top space of a parking structure as a way to lower your utility costs while providing shade?

RevoluSun can also create a custom-designed cover for an open parking structure.

Last year, the company created a shaded, waterproof roof for the top level of the uncovered parking structure at AIPA (Airport Industrial Park Associates). The 280-kilowatt system helps AIPA save money on its overall electricity costs.

"Essentially, business owners are killing three birds with one stone," said RevoluSun principal Eric Carlson. "by creating shade from the hot Hawaiian sun and in some cases, a waterproof roof from our frequent Hawaiian drizzles; the solar panels generate clean, renewable electricity; and saves the owner money on their electric bills."

Other parking structure solar systems by RevoluSun:

>> Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children, 280-kilowatt system.

>> HECO Ward Avenue Charging Station, nine-panels, with a battery storage system.

4 Responses to “Solar parking arrays”

  1. Ro Hart:

    this is a fantastic trend - one which I wish was going on everywhere in Hawaii... as well as everywhere on the mainland (especially in CA, NV, AZ and NM - all the states where there is abundant sunshine)

  2. zzzzzz:

    There is actually a 4th bird. Large expanses of asphalt contribute greatly to the 'heat island' effect by absorbing solar heat, increasing the need for air conditioning in the area. By shading much of the asphalt, as shown in your photo, that effect is reduced, which reduces the need for AC, and also reduces the electricity consumed by nearby AC units.

    The drivers who parked under the shade will also not need to use their car AC as much, reducing their gasoline consumption as well.

  3. jimbob:

    Why do I feel this article is written by promotional consideration for Revolusun?

  4. Nina Wu:

    This was based on a press release announcing the parking solar array projects. I welcome press releases from all solar companies and have included many different solar companies in this blog. Mahalo for reading the blog. Nina

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