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Rid-a-Fridge, fight hunger

January 16th, 2014

Rebates (and free pick up services) are available from Hawaii Energy for getting rid of your old fridge. You can also opt to donate your rebate to Hawaii Foodbank.

Get rid of your old fridge and help feed the hungry in Hawaii at the same time.

Hawaii Energy is offering a $25 rebate for Oahu residents who donate aging refrigerators with free pick up. On Maui and Hawaii island, Hawaii Energy is offering a $65 rebate.

By simply checking a box on the rebate application form, you can donate your rebate to the Hawaii Foodbank. The promotion continues while funding lasts. If you want to keep your rebate, of course, you may.

Replacing your old refrigerator with a newer, EnergyStar one can result in savings on your overall electricity bill (even if you have PV solar). Hawaii Energy estimates that fridges more than 20 years old can cost $275 to operate on Oahu each year. On Maui, because electricity rates are higher, they can cost $320 to operate each year. And on Hawaii island, $355 to operate each year.

On Oahu, call 537-5577 and on Maui and Hawaii island, call 1-877-231-8222 to schedule a free pickup. Afterwards, complete your application and send it in. If you'd like to donate your rebate, just check the "I'd like to make a difference" box. You will receive your application during pick up, which must be postmarked within 60 days.

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