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The Spirits of Recycling

December 23rd, 2013


Happy Holidays!

When Christmas Day and other holiday events have come and gone,  do you know where to recycle all of your trash this year?

Your  kids may be able to tell you. Check out this adorable Coloring Activity Book, "The Spirits of Recycling: Kevin helps his family Sort it Out," by the city's Department of Environmental Services (printed on 100-percent post consumer recycled fiber paper, of course). The books are available inside Honolulu Hale as part of Honolulu City Lights, which is up until Dec. 31.

The book is adapted from the Honolulu Theatre for Youth production off "Christmas Talk Story" performed during their 2012 to 2013 Season of Classics. (You can print it out for free by clicking on this link). The cover pictured above has a little extra glitter on it, thanks to my son.

It tells the story of how the green, gray and blue bins pay a special visit to Kevin the night before Christmas. Last year, Kevin's dad took the tree to the landfill. "You didn't tell him to cut the tree and put it in me," the green bin tells Kevin. "You must spread the spirit of recycling!"

The Christmas tree can be chopped up and recycled in the green bin, the corrugated cardboard boxes, newspapers, No. 1 and 2 plastics, and glass bottles in the blue bin (as well as white and colored office paper). Trash, cereal boxes, junk mail and paper plates and napkins go in the gray, or trash, bin.

By the way, magazines and phonebooks, which the city's guide has going into the trash bin, can be recycled if you make a trip to Hagadone, 274 Puuhale Rd. (8 a.m. to noon on second Saturdays). And, of course, you can take your aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers for 5-cents each at Reynold's Recycling.

And it's a good idea to reduce  before you recycle. In my household this year, for instance, we made a rule that we are only going to reuse Christmas gift bags and boxes, ribbons and bows (we have a huge box) or reuse tin or lauhala boxes for gifts this year. You can also opt for regular, instead of disposable cups and plates.

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3 Responses to “The Spirits of Recycling”

  1. zzzzzz:

    Did Hagadone reduce their hours for recycling? They used to accept magazines and phone books during their business hours.

  2. Nina Wu:

    I think they have reduced hours...and now set a limit for households as well. I'll find out and add new info to the blog. It is hard to find places to recycle magazines.

  3. Nina Wu:

    Actually, Hagadone also accepts hours for recycling during the week if you want to drop magazines off during work hours...but they do have a limit of 5 phonebooks per household...

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