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Volta opening first EV station on Maui

December 4th, 2013
Volta is opening its first EV charging station at Whaler's Village on Maui this month. Courtesy photo.

Volta is opening its first EV charging station at Whaler's Village on Maui in January. Courtesy photo.

Lucky we live Hawaii.

Volta Industries continues to expand the number of free-to-use EV charging stations in its Volta Network in Hawaii, including a sixth station at Ward Warehouse (in front of Executive Chef) in November and its first station on Maui in January.

As of Nov. 1, Volta says it has given away over 60,000 miles of charging over a two-year period at its charging stations in Hawaii, Arizona and California. Companies, including the First Insurance of Hawaii, Central Pacific Bank and Honolulu Ford, purchase a sponsorship of the charging stations.

Scott Mercer, Volta founder and CEO, estimates EV drivers in the three states have saved about $100,000 in gasoline charges and offset enough CO2 to fill 117 Washington Monuments. He added that Volta hopes to have given away 5 million miles in five states by the end of next year, 2014.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is expected to be held at Whaler's Village, which will be the site of Volta's first EV charging station on Maui, in late January.

As of September 2013, state figures show there are 1,869 electric cars on Oahu. The average mile per gallon equivalent for EVs on the road ranges from 90 to 115 miles per gallon.

One Response to “Volta opening first EV station on Maui”

  1. Environmental Lady:

    If electricity were all solar and wind-powered, the gasoline savings would skyrocket. I saw one of the charging stations in Home Depot in Hilo and there was only room for two cars to recharge. It takes eight hours to completely recharge, so those stations can only be used for "topping off," as no car would be allowed to hog a station for eight hours. Eventually more stations will be needed at places that attract lots of drivers like schools, government offices and factories. Then they'll have to charge people for recharging. I hope electric cars take off as they are clean and quiet (provided renewable energy fuels our electric power more and more and used batteries can be recycled).

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