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Molokai Fridge Swap

October 21st, 2013
Delivering Energy Efficient fridges to households in Molokai as part of the Hui Up! program. Courteys photo.

Makoa Trucking helped deliver energy efficient fridges to households in Molokai as part of the Hui Up! program. Courtesy photo.

Let's hear it for brand-new, energy-efficient fridges on the Friendly Isle!

A total of 60 EnergyStar refrigerators were delivered to Molokai residents earlier this week as part of Hui UP! 3.0, an appliance exchange program offered through a partnership between Blue Planet Foundation, Hawaii Energy and Sust‘AINAble Moloka‘i.

Molokai residents were able to swap in their old fridges for a high-efficiency model for just $250, considerably less than retail prices. Pick up of old fridges, recycling and home delivery was included.

Francois Rogers, Blue Planet's special projects director, says the foundation is hoping to reach as many as 300 households on Molokai.

Sust‘AINAble Molokai helped with on-the-ground logistics, with help from Sears, Makoa Trucking, Island Movers and Refrigerant Recycling.

The Hui Up! program is a follow up to a CFL exchange program that replaced 36,000 incandescent bulbs on Molokai with Compact Fluorescent Lamps. As part of Hui Up! students from the Sust‘AINAble Molokai Youth Energy Team will visit the households and using hand-held energy monitors, they will measure the differences in energy usage.

Participants are expected to save an average of $374 a year (based on Molokai's electricity rate of 46 cents per kilowatt hour) on their individual electric bills. Collectively, over the next 10 years, 300 households would save more than $1.1 million in energy costs.

If you live on Molokai and are interested in participating in Hui UP!, visit or call 560-5410.

2 Responses to “Molokai Fridge Swap”

  1. Bonnie Young:

    Can I get more information regarding fridge swap? my cell number is 808-213-4230.

    Thank you,
    Bonnie K Young

  2. Nina Wu:

    Hi Bonnie - sorry for the late response. Contact the Blue Planet Foundation 808-954-6161 or to see if the fridge swamp program is still ongoing...

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