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'Seeds of Hope' on PBS Hawai‘i

September 12th, 2013

PBS Hawai‘i presents the broadcast premiere of "Na Kupu Mana‘Olana: Seeds of Hope" at 9 p.m. next Thursday, Sept. 19.

If you haven't had the opportunity to see this documentary, then here's the chance to see a 56-minute version from the comfort of your home.

Did you know:

>> Hawaii imports more than 80 percent of its food to the isles? "If we're cut off from the mainland, our food supply, we're in big, big trouble." – Dean Okimoto, Nalo Farms.

>> At least 50 percent of Hawaii's farmland has been destroyed over the past five decades?

>> Access to land and water is one of the biggest challenges to farming in Hawaii?

Catch interviews with Hawaii's food growers, ranchers, farmers and educators including Richard Ha (owner, Hamakua Springs Country Farms), Shin Ho (Ho Farms), Kamuela Enos (MA‘O Farms), Chris Kobayashi (Wai‘oli Farm) and Robert Harris (director, Sierra Club Hawaii),  as they tell their personal stories.

While examining food, water and land issues (as well both sides of the GMO debate) critical to Hawaii, "Seeds of Hope" also gives us hope for the future of the Aloha State's future food security by profiling farmers who are getting creative, going organic and finding answers by returning to local and traditional methods of growing food. The film also finds educators who are cultivating the next generation of farmers.

Its message is that consumers also have power to sway the future.

"It's up to the consumer to say, yes, I'd rather buy produce from Hawaii." Jack Spruance, president, Molokai Livestock Coop.

The film, written and directed by Hawai‘i island filmmaker Danny Miller,  was an official selection (and nominee for the Golden Orchid Award) at the 2012 Hawaii International Film Festival.

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