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Young tree poets

April 25th, 2013

Makayla Rose Golden, 6, of Mauka Lani Elementary School, penned a winning poem about a mountain apple tree. Courtesy photo..

Congratulations to the newly minted tree poets who participated in the Wordsworth the Poet "Poe-TREE Contest."

The contest, sponsored by Watermark Publishing and author Frances H. Kakugawa, was open to writers from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Two winners were selected from each grade division (K-5, 6-8, and 9-12). You can read their poems at

Poems were judged for creativity, poetic merit and how well they conveyed what makes the trees special to the students. In Kakugawa's book  "Wordsworth! Stop the Bulldozer!" ($10.95) young mice campaign to save the trees in their community by writing poems that remind neighbors about the special qualities of the trees around them.

The six contest winners — Makayla Rose Molden, Eli Wolfe, Cindy Tsou, Emerson Goo, Sophie Corless and Zoe Edelman Brier — received copies of Wordsworth series books, a gardening tool kit and Koa Legacy Tree from the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative, donated by Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods.

Here's a sample of the winning poetry.

Eli Wolfe, 5, from University Laboratory School, is oen of the winners of the Wordsworth Poe-Tree contest. He wrote "Banyan Tree."

Eli Wolfe, 5, from University Laboratory School, loves to climb banyan trees and write poetry.

K-5 Winners

Eli Wolfe, 5, University Laboratory School

I like to climb the

Banyan tree

at Barwick.

I can climb to

the sky.

You should try it too


It is so fun.

Makayla Rose Molden, 6, Mauka Lani Elementary

The Mountain Apple tree is yummy to me.

The fruit is up so high to knock it down is a game I try.

I collect the fruit and make apple pie.

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