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America Recycles Day

November 14th, 2011

Recycling coordinator Zan Mauler, right, hard at work at the Keauhou Recycling and Reuse Center. Courtesy photo.

Recycling coordinator Zan Mauler, right, hard at work at the Keauhou Recycling and Reuse Center. Courtesy photo.

Get ready, get set, recycle!

American Recycles Day, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful, is tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 15). Locally,logoit's known as "Hawaii Recycles Day."

Organizations in every isle are expected to participate, from Keep Kauai Beautiful to Keep Honolulu Beautiful, Nani o Waianae, the Community Work Day Program on Maui, Keep Kalaupapa Settlement Beautiful and Keep Kahoolawe Beautiful.

It's a day dedicated to recycling — and a day to educate and inform people across the country about the importance of recycling. Hopefully, the recycling will happen on a regular basis every day and not just on America Recycles Day.

If you already recycle, great! (In Honolulu county, it's a lot easier now with curbside recycling). Not sure what to put in your blue and green bins? Go to for a handy guide.

You can think about ways you can take it further by thinking of other items you could recycle — for example, plastic bottle caps in addition to plastic bottles. You can recycle clean, plastic bottle caps at four Goodwill locations. If you already recycle your newspapers, consider recycling your magazines as well.

Recycle Hawaii has been invited by Keep America Beautiful to head up efforts in the state this year. Schools, businesses, government agencies and non-profits are all encouraged to participate.

In Hawaii County, there are four Recycling & Reuse Centers (RRCs) at transfer stations in Hawi, Keauhou, Waimea and Kea‘au which take everything from aluminum, glass and plastic (Nos. 1,2 and 5) to cardboard, newspapers, phonebooks, office paper and paper bags. Hawaii County also offers home composting and worm composting workshops twice a month around the island as part of its "Composting is Recycling Too!" educational program.

Among ways to celebrate America Recycles Day are:

Recycle your flower pots: On America Recycles Day, there will be a drive to bring in and recycle flower pots, as well. Anyone can donate plastic flower pots which will be given away for free at Hawaii County's four recycling & reuse centers.

Participate in Recycle-Bowl Competition: Elementary, middle and high schools are invited to participate in the Recycle-Bowl Competition. Schools receive recognition for their recycling efforts; state champions win a $1,000 prize and a national winner receives $2,500. To register, go to

Host an event: Go to to host a recycling event in your community.

Visit for more ideas.

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