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It's Raptoberfest time

October 3rd, 2011
Trash spilling out of cans are usually full of plastic. Surfrider Foundation photo.

Trash spilling out of garbage cans are usually full of plastic. Surfrider Foundation photo.


For the entire month of October, the Surfrider Foundation is raising awarness of the dangers of plastic pollution and focusing on finding solutions for its Rise Above Plastics Campaign.

Beach litter from a windward beach.

Beach litter from a windward beach.

The Surfrider Foundation will share plastic-related facts, including 10 ways to reduce your plastic footprint. Among them, of course, are using a reusable, stainless steel bottle instead of single-use plastic water bottles, bringing your own grocery bags, and saying no to pre-packaged single-serve portions. Plastic bags are the "modern-day tumbleweed," according to Surfrider. More than 24 billion pounds of plastic packaging is produced in the U.S. annually and almost immediately discarded after use.

I bring my own bags to the grocery store and am happy to report that the "plastic monster" under my kitchen sink is gone. A few stray ones here and there make it into the house, and they're recycled or reused. I try to bring my own bag to department stores as well, when I can. I also bring a reusable cup for my weekday iced latte fix, but could do better about not losing the reusable straw.

You can share your own tip on how to reduce your plastic footprint on Surfrider's Facebook or Twitter page (@surfrider) to win cool gear from Rusty.

Here on Oahu, the Surfrider Foundation is holding a beach cleanup at Pokai Bay from 10 a.m. to noon on Sunday, Oct. 9. While the photo above is from a mainland beach, rest assured that the same plastic spills out of trash cans at local beaches here (see pic above) — just go to pretty much any local beach on a weekend and you will see it firsthand.

So hold up your glass of beer, and help celebrate RAPTOBERFEST this month!

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