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Kevin & Kyle Go Green

April 1st, 2011

Good luck to Kevin and Kyle of Waimea High School on Kauai.

Their video, "Kevin and Kyle Go Green," was one of 15 finalists for PlanetConnect's Get Green Video Contest. Winners will be announced next week.

The challenge was to "show us your ocean connection."

The video, submitted by Kevin Killerman, introduces viewers to Kauai's beaches, with tips on how to protect the ocean while fishing (not cutting your line, for instance, which stays in the ocean and damages marine life) as well as how to prevent the littering of plastic bags (which end up in the ocean).

Three Grand Prizes will be chosen using a combination of judges' scores and the number of "thumbs up" YouTube ratings. Three Public Choice Awards will be determined solely by the number of views that the finalist videos receive.

See the playlist of finalists.

Video by Kevin Killermann.

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  1. The Green Leaf:

    [...] video, "Kevin and Kyle Go Green," raised awareness about how everyday actions, like cutting a fishing line and leaving plastic bags [...]




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